Skateboard buying guide

Want to buy a new skateboard? First of all you need to know which board suits you.

It's very simple to choose the right board. You will need to buy a skateboard deck, trucks, bearings, grip tape, hardware and wheels.

Consider the below basics while choosing a skateboard:

1. Buy skateboard and accessories in the skateboard shop

If you want to buy a skateboard, buy it in your local skate shop. You will always be able to buy what you need at specialized skate shop and your skateboard will have a good quality and will last longer. It is a bad idea to buy a skateboard in the malls or toy stores, usually the quality of materials is very poor and you will end up spending more when you will need to replace it. And anyway you will en up in a skate shop eventually to get a proper skateboard.
Some the skate shops in Dubai are Rage Shop, Selectshop Frame, Dynamics Sports and Good Times Skate Shop.
Good Times Store is the right choice if you want to buy a skateboard online. Good Times skate shop has all the products and expertise to guide you on the whole process. You can buy a skateboard online and it will be delivered to your door for free same or next-day if you are in Dubai and within a few days if you are in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah or Umm Al-Quwain.

2. Choose the right size of the skateboard deck

You should choose a size of your skateboard depending on your age and shoe size and also depending on your style and skill set. 
If you skate street more often, you need a 8" deck, but if you prefer pools and parks 8.25" or 8.5" is the right choice for you.
You can buy the right skateboard online in Good Times skate shop and you can contact Good Times Store team if you have any questions and not sure which skateboard to choose.

3. Wheels

Same as the deck size, skateboard wheels size can impact your riding. If you prefer street skateboarding you have to go with smaller wheels between 49 and 52 mm. With this size the wheels are more responsive and it will be easier for you to do flip tricks. 
If you do transition or pool skating, you should go for larger wheels between 54 and 60 mm. Such wheels cover more surface area, give you more stability and speed.
You can buy skateboard wheels according to your style in Good Times Skate Shop.

4. Trucks

When you are buying skateboard trucks, make sure that the width of the trucks match the width of the deck without sticking out or in too much. 

5. Graphics don’t matter

Skateboard graphics are really nice but eventually they will fade away if you do tricks or skate in skate parks. You can alway refresh your deck look with nice stickers or you can use skateboard rails to protect the board during board slides.
Anyway you if you do tricks you need to replace your skateboard deck from time to time in order to keep a good pop and to not skate with razor tale.
If you unclear which skateboard to buy, just contact Good Times Skate Shop team and they will help you with the choice.