How to choose the right skateboard size

How to choose the right skateboard size

Picking Out The Right Board Size

We are here to help you find the best size of skateboard deck or complete for your riding style.

Your perfect skateboard size depends mostly on a personal preference, but you have to consider these important factors when you want to buy a skateboard:

1. Riding Style

2. Body Height & Weight

3. Shoe Size

Riding Style

Wider skateboard deck gives you more stability and surface area under your feet and perfect for skating parks and pools. Wider decks are heavier, but easier to land the tricks. However it is easier to do flip tricks with lighter weight and narrower decks. 

8.00": Perfect skateboard deck width for teens or adult riders skating street or doing technical tricks.
8.25": Ideal for both street and transition skating: parks, pools, rails, stairs.
8.50": Wide skateboard decks are perfect for transition skating, pools and cruising.

Body Height & Weight

It's important to buy a skateboard deck that works well with your body size. If you are mini - you'll want to skate a smaller board. If you're a taller adult, you need a wider board. You can refer to the below recommendations:

8.00": Below 165cm
8.25" - 8.5": 165cm or taller

Shoe Size

You also have to choose your skateboard deck size based on shoe size. It is important buy a skateboard deck that is not too wide for your feet and not too narrow.

Check out this graphic for some help:


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